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3 Waterford Place
Gilford, NH 03249

(603) 528-1020

Pepi Herrmann has been creating hand cut crystal masterpieces since 1974. As one of only a handful of master crystal cutters in the United States, he has devoted his career to reviving the lost art of Brilliant cut crystal. We are located in the beautiful Lakes Region of New Hampshire. Stop by and let us create an heirloom of tomorrow for you!


A Brief History of the Revival of American Cut Glass

In 1968 when Pepi Herrmann came to the United States, he had a dream, a vision and a goal. Realizing that the American cut glass with its most superb cutting (Brilliant Period 1890 - 1915) had disappeared - Pepi Herrmann’s determination to revive this lost art in the USA has been recognized throughout the country. Pepi Herrmann can be considered a pioneer in bringing back the deep brilliant cutting of that particular era. 

Now with more than 70 years of experience, Pepi Herrmann is one of the few independent Master Crystal Cutters in the United States. He was born in Salzburg, Austria and settled in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire more than fifty years ago.

As a pioneer in reviving the art of crystal cutting in the USA, he established himself as a master crystal cutter. Many aspiring young cutters perfected their skill under his guidance and leadership.

Pepi Herrmann's mastery of this time honored craft is exquisitely reflected in his traditional designs but has also found beauty and form in the contemporary field. Through numerous exhibitions, presentations and lectures as well as appearances on several television shows Pepi Herrmann built a fine reputation for quality workmanship in this almost lost art.

Pepi Herrmann is a tireless and dedicated artisan. He personally selects pieces of crystal to be cut, taking into account diverse factors such as shape, thickness and clarity of the crystal blank. Only after each piece is completed and passes Pepi's final and critical inspection will it be inscribed with the Pepi Herrmann signature -- his personal proclamation of accomplishment and approval, just as other masters have done for thousands of years.